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The bluSPARC™ name was inspired by the concept of ignition. Coaching is the catalyst, and bluSPARC™ creates the ideal conditions for lift off.

More than meets the eye

The bluSPARC™ leadership development system is informed by evidence-based leadership theory backed by practical insights distilled from decades of executive search, coaching and succession planning.

As part of our wholistic approach, leaders complete the bluSPARC™ proprietary psychometric leadership assessment, powered by Hogan.

The bluSPARC™ Coaching Cadre

Our team is made up of top-tier business coaches with extensive executive experience. Our coaches are experts in their industries and business functions, with proven executive performance, from Founders to Fortune 500 companies.
The bluSPARC™ Coaching Cadre operates as a community.

Available when you need us

By combining assessment insights with comprehensive coaching and carefully curated learning content, bluSPARC™ addresses important adult learning requirements throughout the engagement, ensuring learning is experiential, in the moment, and includes critical time for reflection and integration.

Our technology allows us to seamlessly deliver the content and coaching leaders need – wherever and whenever they need it.

What makes our coaches stand out?

Our coaches bring a diversity of lived experiences combined with rich academic foundations.

Our team has worked for private sector clients like Google, Yelp!, Gap, PVH, Pillsbury, Colgate, United Airlines, Northrup Grumman, and Boeing. In addition, many of our coaches have deep experience working with senior executives in several government departments and agencies.

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The founding of bluSPARC™

bluSPARC™ was co-founded by Dr. Kim Villeneuve and Dr. Andrew Rahaman, both of whom earned their doctorates in Leadership Studies, with an emphasis on leading in learning organizations and shaping agile, high-performance cultures.

" Our goal is to help leaders more fully actualize in their roles creating deeper satisfaction, engagement and retention, and for you to build a competitive bench as a direct result of your investment in your leaders. "

Drawing on our deep experience in executive search, coaching for succession, and curriculum design for executive education, we believe in a systems approach to talent development. We start by gaining a deep understanding of your culture's competitive advantage, then assess leader alignment to those cultural characteristics.

Next, we consider the functional competencies across all disciplines and levels to determine the “bar” you want each leader to meet to reflect the top-5% of outside talent in like industries.

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