When coaching ignites leaders,
the enterprise thrives

bluSPARC™ coaching is the catalyst to expand your talent pipeline and perpetuate your cultural advantage.

Comprehensive, individualized leadership coaching
- delivered on a digital platform.

Traditional leadership development programs just aren't cutting it.

One in two companies indicate they struggle to develop effective leaders* - and senior managers aren’t getting what they need from traditional leadership programs.

Today’s leaders excel when individualized assessment and coaching combine for powerful learning impact.
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bluSPARC™ ignites leaders and fuels performance.

Our engagements are customized to each client.
Every leader receives individualized coaching that aligns to your organization’s cultural values and addresses specific competency needs.

bluSPARC™ is a comprehensive leadership development system. We integrate proprietary psychometric
assessments, premier coaching, and curated
micro-learning – all through our digital platform.

Is it time to re-evaluate your leadership development strategy?

Hiring an outside executive leader can cost your company up to 5x their first year’s salary. 70% of leaders believe job-related development opportunities influence whether they stay with their organization.**

Investing in a six-month bluSPARC™ engagement for 15 leaders is equivalent to the search fee to replace just one of those leaders with an external executive hire.

After just two months of working with bluSPARC™ 98% of leaders we coached reported they have a positive mindset change about themselves as a leader.

Transform your leadership team in 2 months

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Assessments that drive  development

Align leader development that reflects your unique cultural values through our proprietary psychometric assessments

Built to last

Grow your leadership pipeline with innovative coaching from Fortune 500 leaders through the bluSPARC™ platform

Scalable, easy to track

Track program and coaching ROI and impact through quarterly reporting with metrics tied directly to results

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What our clients and leaders say about bluSPARC™

“As an HR leader, I wanted to fine-tune leaders’ effectiveness working cross-functionally. bluSPARC™ helped our leaders discover their strengths and develop a plan to be ‘succession-ready’ when the opportunity presents itself.”

– Stacey, CHRO, Retail Industry

"Performance in our company is driven by competencies. Because bluSPARC™ has roots in executive search, they know what a high bar looks like and use that as their baseline for coaching. That naturally propelled our leaders to a higher standard and gave us a talent pipeline we felt rivaled outside talent. A huge ‘thumbs-up’ from us.”

– Ann, Senior HR Consultant, Wholesale Industry

"First, the assessment process is robust and comprehensive, and it provided a solid foundation for shaping my development plan. My coach provided space for me to be reflective and at the same time she was laser focused on ensuring that the work we did together was actionable - this achieved great results for me as a leader and for the organization in meeting its goals.”

– Donna, Director, Aerospace Industry

“Real time coaching ensures that as a leader you are supported in the moment – when it counts.
In today’s environment, this type of support is invaluable to leaders.”

– Barrie, President, Wholesale Apparel Industry

* | ** Forbes 2019

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