How it works

Grounded in contemporary leadership theory, the bluSPARC™ system is content-driven and experiential – enriching leaders’ current performance and preparing them for complex leadership roles.

One system in five steps

Get your team started

Work with your engagement manager to design program goals, gain alignment with your executive team, and introduce your leaders to the bluSPARC™ system.

Complete psychometric assessments

Leaders complete our proprietary psychometric leadership assessment – powered by Hogan – to identify their leadership strengths and alignment to your organization’s cultural values.

Leaders match with a business coach

Using the bluSPARC™ app, leaders choose from 3 best-fit coaches, schedule virtual video coaching sessions, and get unlimited access to on-demand coaching.

Leaders make rapid progress

The coach promotes accountability by tracking commitments and action plans, reinforced by curated microlearning content to spark development of new competencies.

Track your ROI

Powerful analytics show the value of the bluSPARC™ program and its ROI. We delve far beyond program engagement to give you actionable insights.

Systems Approach
bluSPARC™ accelerates talent development and fuels your leadership pipeline
Our Coaching Promise
Unlimited, on-demand coaching empowers your leaders to get support and learn in-the-moment
Build Your Culture
Help your leaders understand how they align to and promote your cultural values
Never One-Size-Fits-All
We focus on your needs and customize our program to achieve your objectives
Business Coaches
Leaders match with business coaches who have relevant executive-level experience
Backed by Research
We align evidence-based learning theory to a competency-based model of leader development

Empower your leaders to lead

Our scheduled and unlimited on-demand coaching sessions are designed to accelerate your leader’s business performance. After every coaching session, your leaders will receive a personalized action plan and coach-curated learning content to help them stay accountable and make fast progress between sessions.

Start to fuel your
leadership pipeline

At its core, bluSPARC™ leadership coaching is focused on developing leaders to fuel your talent pipeline

Give your leaders actionable insights

The bluSPARC™ psychometric leadership assessment – powered by Hogan – gives our coaches the ability to customize each leader’s coaching experience for the greatest impact

Data for the enterprise: 
Track your ROI

Get access to your program engagement dashboard and track the ongoing bluSPARC™ impact

Ready to ignite your team?

If your organization has provided you access to bluSPARC™, download the app now.

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